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Bitlocker or Truecrypt supported on G555?


I attempted to enable Bitlocker on my system drive via the context menu and was presented with a message that no suitable TPM device could be found. My concern with TrueCrypt is that I have read elsewhere on this forum that the InsydeH2O BIOS is not compatible with TrueCrypt  .I can use BitLocker with a USB flash drive but I am paranoid about losing the drive and thus turning the machine into a brick  .BIOS = InsydeH2OBIOS Version/Date=LENOVO 2CCN22WW(V1.11), 4/21/2010




I eventually used TrueCrypt to encrypt my system partition only (not the whole drive).  Works great - I even get what I wanted from Bitlocker, which was to require a boot-time password, which TrueCrypt does provide.


So this solution works for me. I did have some initial issues with the Alps touchpad after encrypting.  I uninstalled (and deleted) the Alps driver and reinstalled it and that appears to have fixed the issue.


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