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Paper Tape
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Have a new G550 w/ Vista Ultimate. When keying on laptop curser jumps at random. Tried everything to fix, update Alps pointer and pad drivers, re-install Vista, changed processing priority to HIGH through Task Manager..nothing fixes the problem. Do not know what is causing annoyance and checked all over internet to if I am alone on this. Other computers have similiar problems but still nos suggested fixes work for me. Anybody...any fixes ? Thanks if you can help ASAP.

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Sounds like a problem over the touchpad hardware.


Call customer service to solve this issue.


Best regards.

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remove alps pointer and try again.
Paper Tape
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Touch Pad/Mouse "Jumps."

My new Lenovo G550 laptop has a touch pad problem. While I'm typing, the cursor jumps backward into the line of type -- or into a whole different place on thepage, then continues typing into the new location. It' driving me crazy, obviously. I installed a wireless mouse and the trouble still remains.


Before I drop-kick this thing off the desk, can anyone suggest what to do? I'm NOT encouraged by these posts I've been reading about Lenovo help and support, etc.


Is there a way to actually TALK with tech support???? - G

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Re: Touch Pad/Mouse "Jumps."

gloria711smith, welcome to the forum,


you probably need to reduce the sensitivity of the touchpad tapping function or turn it off in the touchpad properties. (Control Panel > Mouse).


You'll find a few more cases of this having happened if you search the boards .


Hope this helps



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Jumping Cursor?

Hi I have recently purchased the G550.

My cursor jumps when I am typing in Word or and email, it can go to message box, back to start of line etc.

Checked internet for solution and all suggest I am touching the mousepad when typing - I am definitely not!


Help please?

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Re: Jumping Cursor?

in case you may need to update drivers, here's the download page :
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I had this problem for ever. After a lot of frustration and research, what I found was, this is common error for all kinds of Windows laptops that have a touchpad. 

I found a work around, which was to install a utility called "touchfreeze" from Google code. This utility will lock down the cursor while typing and so will avoid the jumping around problem. This is a small utility that sits in the system tray and does not create any overload for the laptop and it does the job well. 


See this article for more details about the cursor jumping problem and the solution 

What's DOS?
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Hello, I have exactly the same Lenovo with exactly the same problem. Apparently, some of these duds were sent out to my country, South Africa, and bought up by the unscrupulous Hifi Corporation for a song and resold to silly people like me who believed in the Lenovo brand.

Lenovo, please have the decency to give us a response and tell us how we can get this problem fixed. My laptop was purchased less than a year ago. I went back to Hifi Corporation and complained after having it for three weeks. Their technician could not fix it and pretended there was no problem until I brought him the proof from people like Comairis, who have posted here.

We believed in your brand, The least you can do is help us to believe in your service now.
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