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Can I allocate video memory to my Laptop?


I bought a Lenovo B570 and I don't know how I can allocate video memory. Is there a method to do this or a software that needs to be installed to do this?  I searched for tutorials but I didn't find anything.


I looked into BIOS and the available options are: Information, Configuration, Security, Boot and Exit.


I also checked in device manager and can see the memory allocated to the video adapter, but don't see a way to make changes.




The amount of video memory your computer has is dependent on the amount of pre-allocated memory set for your system plus the Dynamic Video Memory Technology (DVMT). DVMT dynamically allocates system memory for use as video memory creating the most efficient use of available resources for maximum 2D/3D graphics performance.

DVMT allocates memory based on system needs.


Many graphic-intensive applications (especially games), require a minimum amount of video memory in order to run correctly (or even to run). Video memory is allocated based on the amount requested by the operating system. When the memory is no longer required, it is returned to the operating system for use by other applications or system functions.


 Depending on the version of Intel adapter and drivers loaded, there may be controls found within the Intel display tray which can have an effect on this.  Open the Intel display adapter control panel and check under the 3D settings - select the memory footprint on highest this should allow you to maximize your shared video ram usage.


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