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I have a Lenovo B570-1068AFU system that comes with a 5400 RPM HDD.  Does this system support 7200 RPM HDD upgrades? 


The B570s's hard drive can be upgraded and replaced with a 7200 RPM drive. The system can support hard drives of up to 1TB, 7200 RPM.


Note: Irrespective of drive RPM, you may encounter an issue (which is fixable), when upgrading to a larger HDD above 500GB and migrating over your data.  Depending on when your laptop was built, it may have a Legacy (512-byte sector) or Advanced Format (4k-byte sector) hard drive.  Many/most larger drives on the market are using the AF.   If you migrate from Legacy to AF, you may notice that Windows Update has stopped working.  Windows 7 is supposed to handle AF drives correctly, but there are many cases where it doesn't until updated, or an additional driver is installed.  The situation also exists with XP, but also fixable.


You may not encounter any complications with this, but if you do the following link may be of assistance:


Windows Update Broken After Cloning Hard drive


Microsoft KB Tip / Update for Windows 7 and AF drives




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