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Blue Screen Again
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Can't Recover from HDD Crash on Lenovo g505

I have three Lenovo g505 laptops, all running Windows 8.1 (originally factory loaded with Windows 8.0). One for me, one for my son and one for my daughter. My son's HDD crashed unexpectedly. He didn't have any critical data on his computer, I chose to create a Recovery USB (w/ partitions) from my daughters computer and do a "fresh start" on his computer.


Part 1

When I tried to use the Recovery USB on my son's computer, the system could see the USB drive in terms of Start Up order, but it could not find the USB drive to obtain the recovery/partition data. The system prompted me to search for the Recovery data, but it did not give me the USB drive as an option. Below are the current BIOS settings on my son's computer:


BIOS Version: 82CN15WW(v1.02)

Windows License:  WIN8 STD MLT



Wireless                                Enabled

SATA Controller Mode          AHCI

Power Beep                          Disabled

SVM suppoertr                      Disabled

BIOS Back Flash                  Disabled



No admin, user or HDD passwords

Secure Boot                        Enabled

Secure Boot Status             Enabled

Platform Mode                    User Mode

Secure Boot Mode             Standard

Reset to Setup Mode         [Enter]

Restore Factory Keys        [Enter]



Boot Mode                         UEFI

USB Boot                          [Enabled]

PXE Boot to LAN              [Disabled]

EFI   DVD/CDROM (Mat**bleep**a DVED-RAM UJ8D1)


Part 2:

I took the computer down to the Microsoft store today to get help with the installation of Windows on the new HDD. Instead of messing with the Recovery USB, the guy just gave me a Windows 8.1 installation CD and told me to just put the disk in the CD drive and start up the computer and "everything will go automatically...."


Obviously, since I'm writing this post, that isn't working either. I when I try to start the computer with the Windows CD, the system prompts me to "Hit any key to start from the CD." Then I get the following error message:



The PC needs to be repaired.

Required devices are not connected or cannot be found

Error Msg # 0xc0000185




1) Am I doing something horribly wrong or missing something here?

2) When I try the Recovery USB option, the system does give me an option to look for the recovery data on the CD drive. Should I try putting the Recovery information on a CD or DVD?

3) If I go with the Microsoft method of installing new software, should I be trying to load Windows 8.0 (as originally configured from the factory) and then upgrade to Windows 8.1?


I greatly appreciate any help that I can get.



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Re: Can't Recover from HDD Crash on Lenovo g505

Hi david28116,


Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!


Please set these parameters inside BIOS


Exit Tab:

OS Optimized Defaults = Win7 OS or Other OS


When finished, hit Load default settings (just right above it) then set these additional settings:


Security Tab:

Secure Boot = Disabled


Boot Tab:

Boot Mode = Legacy

Boot Priority = Legacy First

USB Boot = Enabled


Now Press F10 to save and exit


Now Insert your USB, Turn the computer OFF.

Turn it back on and start tapping F12

You should now have your USB as an option.


Hope this helps





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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Can't Recover from HDD Crash on Lenovo g505 - BIOS Changed???



I'm sorry to say that your suggestions did not help. In fact, they may have caused another problem...


After changing the OS Optimized Defaults to Other OS, I hit Load Default Settings and confirmed the change in the pop-up box.


After making this change, the option to change the Secure Boot (within the Security Tab) was eliminated, not grayed out, it was no longer there. The only options within the Security Tab are to set passwords for Administrator, User and HDD.

I went back to the Exit Tab and selected Discard Changes, but it had no effect, the Secure Boot option did not re-appear within the Security Tab. I also tried selecting Exit Discarding Changes, but when I returned to the BIOS Setup, the Secure Boot option did not exist.


In case this additional information might help,

1) There were no changes in the Boot Tab, only the Security Tab

2) The BIOS Setup software is:  InsydeH20 Setup Utility   Rev. 3.7


My Comments:

As a process engineer in the semiconductor industry for many years, I understand that software support is a thankless job. I also can appreciate that Lenovo makes many different computer models. However, replacement of a HDD on a basic laptop computer should not be this difficult or annoying. Putting Windows OS software on a brand new hard drive so that my computer will work again is a very basic task. To make it even easier, there is no data involved, just OEM software. I would greatly appreciate your support and  quick response to this matter.



Blue Screen Again
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Re: Can't Recover ... HDD Crash ... g505 (BIOS is Changed... Is that a good thing?)

I have no idea what to do next, now that my BIOS seems to have changed. Any suggestions, anybody? How do I get the Secure Boot option back as an option in the Security Tab of the BIOS? Do I even need to get the Secure Boot option back? When I try the system recovery using the USB Drive, the system cannot/does not/will not recognize the USB Drive as a source for the recovery media. However, it does give the option to get the recovery media from the CD/DVD. Should I copy the recovery media from the USB Drive onto a CD and try that? Will upgrading the BIOS to the latest version (82CN24WW) help me in any way? I eagerly await the hundreds of suggestions that will come in! David

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Re: Can't Recover ... HDD Crash ... g505 (BIOS is Changed... Is that a good thing?)

Соглашусь с этим у меня тоже ничего не вышло но у меня к тому же ваабще не работают usb 2.0 и 3.0 

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