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Blue Screen Again
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Can't adjust G575 screen brightness on Windows 10

Hi there.


I've installed a clean version of Windows 10 Home 64 bit, and, noticed that, with the basic Microsoft display adapter driver, I would be able to adjust screen brightness and would get maximum resolution as well.


How ever, even though I disabled automatic driver updating in Windows before I first connected my laptop to the internet, it still proceeded to download a driver that it got via Windows update which ruins the adjusting of brightness.


I tried to install the 64-bit Windows 8 driver that is available at but that one has the same problem, I can't adjust screen brightness when using it. Neither did the latest Windows 10 Radeon HD 6xxxM driver by AMD off of their website help at all.


Everything else works perfectly fine in terms of Windows 10 except for adjusting of brightness, and, I am unable to stop Windows from constantly updating the graphics card driver via Windows Update despite the setting found in System Properties.


As such, the laptop is, largely useless, and, has wasted loads of my time. It's a shame really, as, I invested loads into this laptop, and, though it's perfectly capable of running Windows 10, the fact that I can't adjust screen brightness wrecks everything.


I have even installed the Energy Management driver, but, that doesn't help anything either.


Could someone, please, advise me of some way through which I could make Windows simply STAY at the Basic Microsoft Display Adapter driver, or, would one of you Lenovo employees reading this forum PLEASE ask your managers to work on releasing Windows 10 drivers for this laptop?


Really, the only thing that isn't working is the adjusting of brightness, everything else is fine.


Any, actual help, would greatly be appreciated. Please don't ask me to do things that I have already described above as having done.


Thank you.


Blue Screen Again
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Re: Can't adjust G575 screen brightness on Windows 10

Well, here's some more on this.


It turns out, that is a good article on how to disable automatic driver updates, but, I realised, that, even though I was able to stop Windows from automatically updating the driver for the graphics card, after I restarted, the previous driver DLLs unloaded from memory, and, I was returned to a state of complete lack of functionality in terms of screen resolution, though, indeed, I could adjust screen brightness, but, the maximum resolution that the screen could do was very small.


As such, there is aboslutely no fix to this. I wrongly though, previously, that if only I would have been able to stop the driver from automatically updating, I'd at least have a working driver, but, after a restart, it is not so.


Only if Lenovo will make a proper driver, or, if Microsoft will update its driver, will this laptop be usable in terms of the adjusting of brightness under Windows 10.

Lenovo Technology Partner
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Re: Can't adjust G575 screen brightness on Windows 10

Hi tonyjustme, 

Have you tried removing the windows update drivers using Display Driver Uninstaller ? Then try installing the Win7-64 bit drivers. I was able to fix a laptop with the same issue with a win7 driver but that was before the anniversary update. 

Here's the link for Display Driver Uninstaller :

Hope this helps.


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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Can't adjust G575 screen brightness on Windows 10



What you are suggesting is useless and besides the point.

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