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Re: Does my G570 have an eSata/USB combo port

hey all,

was looking at the user guide -

and that part is a USB connection according to the manual.

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Re: Does my G570 have an eSata/USB combo port

Yes but it is physically different than the other USB ports beside it. So the question remains . . . . . what is it?

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Different USB port on G470

[ Edited ]

I have a G470 and noticed one of the USB ports is slightly different. I was wondering if anyone knew why? It's the one to the right of the HDMI port.


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Re: Does my G570 have an eSata/USB combo port

Hey serge, does anybody at Lenovo know anything about this esata/usb combo port that Lenovo has put on the G570??


I find it astounding that no-one seems to know anything about this port at all. I have searched the internet over the past month or so and the only cable I could find that looked anything like the correct solution to connect my external 2.5 inch external esata/usb to my G570 was an Addonics Technologies AAUESPSPT10 esatap cable. 


I received the cable today after waiting for 5 weeks for it to arrive only to find that it does not fit the port on my G570! What a waste of time and money.


The esata/usb port on the G570 is a real odd one that is too narrow for the esata plug on the cable and only fits usb.


Surely Lenovo can point us in the right direction on this!



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Re: Does my G570 have an eSata/USB combo port

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Brothers i have exactly the same model g570 and i can confirm it does has ESATA port and i use it on daily basis with my external ESATA 3.5 chinese hdd case/cable. Its just you need to insert it the right way.


the port mentioned in the original picture is the ESATA port, its just ports are bit hard so be carefull when inserting ESATA cable.



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Re: Does my G570 have an eSata/USB combo port

I just received from Leveno my new G470 laptop and questioned why one USP port was different from the other two. I called Leveno support thinking I a had an improperly installed USB port when a normal USB cable didnt fit into it like the other two ports. The tech tried to tell me that it was a new USB 3.0 port and he referenced the online personal systems reference manual(to be found at then look up your model for the specs) The description for the ports on this model is as follows: 

Three USB 2.0 and one eSATA/USB combo port, external monitor (VGA DB-15, HDMI), ethernet (RJ-45) 


Apparently the tech gave me "bad" information.  The community forum told me what I couldn't get from the "expert". Thanks forum. Now where do I find a cable that utilizes this port ?



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Re: Does my G570 have an eSata/USB combo port

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Re: Does my G570 have an eSata/USB combo port

check ebay.
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Lenovo G570 ports unknown

Ports on the left side have confused me, the first two from the front are USB2 but the confusion is with the next two

I thought the 3rd from the front was a esata but when i purchased a esata to usb combo cord it didnt fit , neither does

USB so i dont really know what kind of port and its cabability is.. any one ?

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Lenovo G570 4gb,750gb HD
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Re: Lenovo G570 ports unknown

its just a funky looking usb 2.0 port. nothing special to it.
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