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Fanfold Paper
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Dolby digital plus versus advanced audio v2



My Dolby Advanced Audio program has worked for the past year or so.  But after installing Razer Surround, the Dolby program stopped working.


I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the newest version of Conexant HD audio, and that worked. However, I noticed that Dolby Advanced Audio V2 was replaced with Dolby Digital Plus. 

I am not noticing any significant difference in audio quality, but the GUI is completely different and I think there are some features missing. 


Would this be considered an upgrade or a downgrade going from advanced audio to digital plus? What are the differences besides the user interface?


Thanks in advance!




For people who, like me, have installed third-party sound drivers (like Razer Surround, etc) and experienced issues where Dolby Advanced Audio stopped working, simply go into control panel-->programs and features--> and uninstall Conexant Audio HD. After that, go to your computer's Lenovo drivers page and download the most recent one. Dolby should work again. 


For me, there was a check box in the Razer Surround settings that says "enable virtual audio device". When checked, this will enable Razer Surround. Unchecked, it will turn Razer off and turn Dolby back on. When I first had Dolby Advanced Audio v2, this would not happen. When I turned Razer Surround on and then off, Dolby Advanced Audio would just sit there unresponsive. There were no sound/equilizer bars present, and profile switching when playing music did not do anything. Switching to the newer version fixed this issue. 

Hope this helps!

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Community SuperMod
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Re: Dolby digital plus versus advanced audio v2

What PC are you using, please?


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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Dolby digital plus versus advanced audio v2

I am using the Lenovo G780 with Intel Core i5 3230M, 6GB ram, and Nvidia GT 635M graphics card variant

Punch Card
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Re: Dolby digital plus versus advanced audio v2

There are a few versions of Dolby. IIRC, the Dolby Home Theater software was  introduced in 2010 and allowed PC manufacturers that partnered with them to enhance the audio in their notebooks/tablets etc.

There were 2 versions:

Dolby Advanced Audio v2
Dolby Home Theater v4

The main difference was that v4 had more options available. It's always the same core program, but with different features enabled.

However, only a modified version has all options unlocked for the user to adjust:

The new Dolby Digital Plus is basically the same as the previous Dolby versions but has even less options that can be adjusted.

Personally, I always stick with the modified version of Home Theater v4 on all of my laptops because I can adjust every single detail and get the most out of my sound.

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