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G510 - External Display Problem with dual GPU

2016-10-05, 11:48 AM

Hello dear forumities,


This is my first post, and yes I confess I didnt use the search option, but I am just frustrated because of not finding a solution for over a week on the net and finally I decided to ask here.


I own a G510 laptop with dual GPU

One is Intel HD 4800 bla bla.. The other one is AMD R7 M265


Recently I bought a new external monitor and plugged it from HDMI port of my laptop.

I am using that laptop mostly for games, and from the first moment I realised the graphics are not good.

I couldt play my games on high settings like I play on the laptop. The fps goes down the toilet.

First I thought because the monitor is 26" and my max resolution cannot reach 1080p on laptop screen but can on monitor, it is hard for the GPUs to render that images on the monitor. But after a while the laptop started having heating problems, and after that `GPU device stopped and restarted` errors.


Finally after a week and trying every possible software solutions, like drivers, installing, uninstalling etc etc...

I finally discovered that my AMD GPU doesnt work with monitor. The image on the monitor comes form intel HD GPU only.. AMD doesnt work.. simple.. When I go back to playing on laptop screen, everything goes back to normal.


Can you guys give me a solution for this...


Thanks in advance...


Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.


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