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G400s/G500s: How to swap FN keys


My laptop G500s has a keyboard where i have to use the FN key to use the F1 to F12 keys at the top, instead of having to press the FN key to use the action keys. I have been looking everywhere for a way to make it so i do not have to press the FN key to use my function keys,


The BIOS does not have an option to disable the function keys, nor can i find an option anywhere elce in my laptop to set it like that.


Does anyone have any idea how to change it? 


Our engineering has received such feedback from the forum team, and a new BIOS has just been released recently to address such concern.


Please find the download of the BIOS version below which will enable you to have the options of enable/disable the hotkey.


Windows 8.1 (32-bit, 64-bit)

BIOS Update for - Lenovo G400s, G500s - version 2.04

Follow the instruction of installation and you should be able to use the function keys without FN right away. If it doesn't you have to enable it in BIOS.


Note: Make note of any settings you have changed in the BIOS Configuration Utility. These settings may have to be re-entered after updating the BIOS.

Attention: Do not power off or restart your computer during the BIOS flashing process, which will cause serious damage and improper functioning of your computer.


How to go to BIOS in Windows 8? Check out this article: How to get into BIOS in Windows 8.


How to enable in BIOS: 

  1. In BIOS, go to Configuration tab
  2. Arrow down to find "HotKey Mode"
  3. Press Enter to change from "Hotkey Mode" to "Legacy Mode".
  4. Press Fn+F10 to save the settings and exit BIOS


If you can't find the HotKey Mode, please try reloading BIOS Default Settings.

You can do so by going to Exit > Load Default Settings.

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stellagirl On 2013-12-19, 3:10 AM

I cannot get the regular keyboard to work on my new G500S. How do I update the settings to allow the regular keyboard to function rather than the touchscreen keyboard?

yasser59k On 2014-01-12, 23:06 PM

I have the same problem but with my G500. I didn't find the solution for G500 and finally I had to download the BIOS update for windows 8 (64-bit) which the above link provides. But on installation it says: "this BIOS is not for your computer". My current BIOS version is 2.0 and I really need the function keys without pressing Fn. How I can fix this? And if I need BIOS update where I can find it for G500?

Also another serious problem I have with this new keyboard and it is: "this keyboard has no NumLock LED"

amit_joshi81 On 2014-01-29, 10:01 AM

I have a Lenovo G510. Having Same problem as yaseer59K. This BIOS is not for your computer. Please fix

yasser59k On 2014-01-30, 22:59 PM

I've download and installed the new BIOS version (2.01) for G500 from the link below and it works. My problem has been solved.




pe2s On 2014-12-01, 17:00 PM

hi , i cannot update myu bios, whenever i try to install it, the update said this BIOS is not for your Notebook PC, my notebook is lenovo G400s, i'm pretty sure of it

Chivvyp On 2015-08-06, 13:40 PM



I have this same issue with my G500, I'm running windows 10. How can i fix it?


Do I still download the BIOS file mentioned above or is there a different version for the G500 / windows 10.





pan761 On 2015-10-10, 13:48 PM
Even I have same issue . while updating my g500s bios it says its not for your notebook PC.
g400ylaptm On 2015-12-06, 8:54 AM
It works people!!!!! Me and my g400 are a happy couple!!! Thanks to everybody.....takes me like...2 hours to do it but......Worth it!!!
nash19 On 2016-07-04, 12:20 PM

I got a Lenova SK8861 key board with my Lenova AIO 700 computer. I am not satisfied with the keyboard. I have to find my way around it and it does not light up to assist w/ key location. Any help with this would be super. Thanks in advance. How can I get a keyborad that will either ligh up or function in a way that I can see.?

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