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Paper Tape
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G480 - Can't open the BIOS

Hi there,


Apologies for the complexity of this two-parter question. I would hugely appreachiate any advice and support.


I have a Lenovo G480 running a fresh install of Windows 10. The boot order is set really oddly, trying to boot via ethernet before proceeding to HDD, but I am unable to get into my BIOS and change it. If I hold down F2 during the boot, the text on the Lenovo boot screen changes to "Please Wait...", but then proceeds to the normal boot order anyway. If I hold down F12 I can get into the more limited boot-selector menu. So this is problem #1.


It's been like this for years on this computer, but it's never been an real issue until now because:

I installed Windows 10 last week, but I need to resize or remove my partitions as I can tell the OS is going to rapidly fill up my primary partition - as did Windows 7 before it. I've got Windows 10 on a USB and was booting into it to try and clean install and edit/remove the partitions. I get stuck at an error from the Windows 10 installer about the hard-drive partitions being formatted incorrectly: “Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk is not of the GPT partition style”


This stumped me, but I found the below article. Is my G480 able to support running a UEFI install of Windows with a GPT formatted HDD? If not, it looks like I'll need to get into the BIOS so I can boot in this "Legacy BIOS Mode", right?

So I need to get into the BIOS, bringing me back to my first problem.




Thanks in advance for any advice! I hoped all the details up front might save us going back and forth on this one for a while.

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Community Moderator
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Re: G480 - Can't open the BIOS

I don't have this machine, but can you get into BIOS through Windows 10? Windows Key > Settings > Update and Security > Recovery. Under "Advanced Startup" click "restart now" which should take you to a menu offering "Continue," "Use a device," "turn off your PC" and "Troubleshoot."


Choose "Troubleshoot" then "Advanced Options" then "UEFI Firmware Settings"


If you can get to all of that, it might reboot into the BIOS screens. Again, spitballing because I don't have the machine. This is the only way to get INTO those settings on some computers.



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Bit Torrent
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Re: G480 - Can't open the BIOS

One other way to get into the BIOS on that system is (with the laptop completely powered off) use a bent paperclip etc. to press the NOVO button (the small recessed button to the right of the power button) to power up the laptop.     The laptop should boot to the NOVO menu, from which you can select  BIOS Setup.


Click on image to enlarge




As far as the GPT issue, it sounds like you need to wipe the HDD completely of all existing partitions.     


Note:   The Dispart commands shown below will delete all the partitions, and the data stored therein, on the selected drive, 


To do so, boot up to the USB drive containing your Windows 10 Installation Media, and when you get to the "Install Now" screen, press SHIFT + F10 to exit to a Command Prompt


At the Command Prompt, type the following commands, pressing (Enter) after each command

  • diskpart
  • list disk

Note:  The list disk command will show the hard drives installed, If you have only one drive, the hard drive you need to wipe free of partitions should be disk 0), but if not substitute the drive number below as needed. 


  • select disk 0
  • clean 

You should get a message:   "Diskpart succeeded in cleaning the disk"


Now type Exit (Enter) to quit Diskpart, and then type Exit (Enter) again to return to the Windows 10 Installation 




Paper Tape
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Re: G480 - Can't open the BIOS

Thanks for the quick reply, Doc. Followed your advice - unfortunetly the option "UEFI Firmware Settings" does not appear in that menu. I just have: 

  • System Restore
  • Go back to previous version
  • System image recovery
  • Startup repair
  • Command prompt
  • Startup Settings


Paper Tape
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Re: G480 - Can't open the BIOS

Thanks for the thorough and speedy reply!


Having totally shut the machine down, booting from that little key next to the power button merely boots the computer in the normal way.


You suggest: "As far as the GPT issue, it sounds like you need to wipe the HDD completely of all existing partitions."

Happy to follow the process you advise on that. I can get into the Windows 10 installer on USB using the little BIOS boot menu (F12).

But.... I'm a bit nervous: if I fully wipe the computer, might it be possible I remove all partitions and erase the drive and then it still have that error about the drive not being formatted for GPT?


If that happens, I'll be in a bit of trouble - with a computer that has been wiped of Windows, and on which I can't install a new version and can't access the BIOS. I guess I am concerned I'd get stuck out!



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