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G50-45 - I need help finding a replacement power adapter for my G50-45, please

The section of my adapter has frayed near the point where it plugs in and I have to practically baby it to keep it charging. This is a huge problem, especially considering that I'm planning to go off to college soon. There's so many counterfeits on the market, and I'm afraid that I may get one that'll just give me grief. In middle of the school year I may not even have enough to buy a new cord, so this is a big deal for me.


Yes, I have looked it up and what came up were forums about how to avoid counterfeits, which served to confuse me. While they recommend that buyers should avoid "marketplace" retailers like Amazon, Sears and Ebay, they don't exactly say where exactly to go. There's a bunch of shady websites besides these retailers and I'm not really finding anything too solid at a more legitmate distribution channel...

 Smiley Frustrated


Of course I'm willing to spend some money. It's just that the 40-70$ price tag I've been seeing for the cord on relatively trustworthy sites seems steep, especially considering that I got the laptop (power cord incl.) for 200$ a few years back. It hasn't given me any trouble, but it's hard to justify spending ~25% of its original value on a cord. I want to spend something from 20 to 30$. 


Thanks for the help!


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Re: I need help finding a replacement power adapter for my G50-45, please

Lenovo does not actually make the power supplies themselves, they buy them from the manufacturer shown below (taken from page 87 of Lenovo G50-45 Hardware Maintenance Manual) , so just about any quality 45Watt/20Volt/25 Amp adapter will work, but some of them, as you noted, are not very well made.


It looks like the Chicony ADLX45NCC3A is the only one still available directly from Lenovo.


You can get a new Chicony ADLX45NCC3A 20V2.25A adap(CMN) 36200610 for $46.53 from Lenovo Encompass parts site (Note that it is out of stock till 5-10-2016)


Chicony ADLX45NCC3A from Lenovo


Or you can order it from for $29.88 (cannot verify that it is original, but it is fulfilled by Amazon, so if not, Amazon will stand behind it.)



AC adapters Table 8. Parts list—3-pin AC adapters  for G50- 30 G50- 45 G50- 70 G50- 70m Z50- 70 Z50- 75 G50- 80

Description                                                                                                Model No.

Delta ADLX45NDC3A 20V2.25A adapter                                         36200245 

Liteon ADLX45NLC3A 20V2.25A adapter                                       36200246 

Chicony ADLX45NCC3A 20V2.25A adapter                                   36200247 

Delta ADLX45NDC3A 20V2.25A adap(CMN)                                  36200602 

Liteon ADLX45NLC3A 20V2.25A adap(CMN)                                 36200606 

Chicony ADLX45NCC3A 20V2.25A adap(CMN)                              36200610   <<-- Still available from Lenovo

Delta ADLX65NDC3A 20V3.25A adapter                                         36200249 

Liteon ADLX65NLC3A 20V3.25A adapter                                        36200251

Chicony ADLX65NCC3A 20V3.25A adapter                                    36200253

Liteon ADLX65NLC3A 20V3.25A adap(CMN)                                  36200607

Chicony ADLX65NCC3A 20V3.25A adap(CMN)                             36200611


Lenovo G50-30/G50-45/ G50-70/G50-70m/Z50-70/ Z50-75/G50-80 Hardware Maintenance Manual


Good Luck

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