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G50-70 - Shutting down when waking from sleep.

I have a Lenovo G50-70 notebook. Recently I have been facing in issue with sleep. When I put the laptop to sleep by closing the lid, pressing the power button or from within Windows 10, the laptop goes to sleep soon. In this state the power LED starts blinking.

Now when I wake up the laptop by opening the lid or pressing keys on the keyboard, the hard disk spins up and the LED becomes solid for only an instant, and the laptop immediately turns off. I have to start it again by pressing the power button and it starts loading Windows.

At first I thought it was a Windows issue so I tried to change all power settings, tried doing the same with the battery removed and only the AC adapter connected, but it was no use. I also booted a Linux Mint LiveUSB, and put the laptop to Suspend (same as sleep), but the same thing occurs. What could be the issue?



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Re: G50-70 - Shutting down when waking from sleep.

Try a power drain reset option...

1. Remove AC power
2. Remove main battery
3. Press down and hold the power button for 30 seconds
4. Replace battery, AC power.
5. Boot the laptop using only the "novo" button (small button with a ^ symbol on or near it, may be on top next to power button or on side) and select BIOS, set defaults, then save and exit.

When the computer reboots try sleep / wake operation and see if it has any change.


I do not work for Lenovo, I only provide suggestions based on my personal willingness to help others. All advice and comments are based on my experience, and do not reflect Lenovo policy, terms or conditions.

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