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G50-70 - Unexpected shut downs

Yesterday, I have tried opening my G50-70 laptop, I heard the built-in fan roll, I saw light on my keyboard, but the screen won't just turn on.. It stays there fully black, so I tried removing the battery , the charger and my (external) mouse and leaving them for a while, I put them back in and open it later on and it is all fine.. I used it for merely 10 minutes (Battery was about 60% charged) and it just SHUTS OFF immediately without any warning and the screen won't turn on when opened... again, so I do the same thing that I have did before but waited a little longer,  and it worked with me till I closed it, and went back to sleep.


The next day it worked out for some time, then it shuts off the same way it did before, I try plugging the charger is disbelief and I find out there is no light coming from the laptop to indicate that it is charging, and when I tried opening it this time, it didn't start AT ALL, so I removed the battery AGAIN and wait then put it back.. The laptop opens,  but suddenly shuts down before I enter my password.. so I'm pretty much stuck in a paradox, any help is appreciated...


Right now as I am typing this.. the laptop opened and didn't shut down for 5 whole minutes, but is liable to  any second.. please help


NOTE : The battery, the laptop with all its parts, and the charger with the AC adapter all are bought together, aka They are bought in one, original box


Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.

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