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Blue Screen Again
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G50-80 battery/energy problems



I've had this laptop for 9 months, it has suffered some falls and hits, but before today, it had no problem at all.


the problems are:


-it's not charging the battery while in-use: while I'm using it, windows 10 shows the "connected not charging" thing down at the battery icon, the only way I can get it to charge is while powered off, while powered off and charging, the right led on the bottom is orange and it seems to blink in a very random way.


-its not turning on without battery: after noticing the problem above, I went on google and most of the solutions were to, 1. turn it off, 2. get the battery out, 3. power on without battery.....etc.

and there's the problem, I can't turn it on without battery, plugged with the provided charger, it tries to turn on, it makes a little mechanical sound (i think is the dvd unit). and that's it, the left led turns on but it shuts down immediately,


some other things to note out:

-it's got a pretty heavy use daily.(usually plugged in to the wall with the battery inserted)

-the charger's out port is a little damaged (it has been for a while and it didn't cause any problems)

-the charger'2 brick gets (or used to get) very hot after hours of use.


where I'm at:

-it's been charging for half an hour. I'm waiting to see what happens.


anyway, thanks for all your help, and I hope I can solve this...


*I'll update this post even if no one replies, just because there might be someone out there with the same problems.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: G50-80 battery/energy problems

*insert bad word here* I just realized what the problem is, I got a closer view of the charging port and the cable, and I realized it's broken, a little plastic piece is stuck in the charger port, and its supposed to be a part of the computer.


I don't really know how to explain it, but *insert profanity* I'm so mad...


I'm going to have to repair it.


I dont know how to close threads but if anyone sees this, please do.



Moderator comment: Post edited to conform with the Community Rules. Keep it clean.

Paper Tape
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Re: G50-80 battery/energy problems

any update on this?

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