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G50 laptop to use as desktop - remove battery

2016-04-08, 21:28 PM

I want to keep my lenevo g50 laptop ON all the time and I think this can damage the battery. I cant find a way to disable battery from BIOS so i removed the battery physically and kept it in a plastic bag. When I would need to make it portable I will plug in the battery again from there. I just want to make sure that doing this thing will be OK? maybe if i keep the battery like this detached it could loose charging power too.


Other way which I have seen is to enable conservative mode which will keep battery from 55-60% all the time. I think removing the battery physically is better, please advise on this.


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Re: G50 laptop to use as desktop - remove battery

2016-04-12, 7:10 AM

Hi Ali,


Welcome to the Lenovo community!


Yes. It is fine to leave the battery charging while it is being used. Myself and everyone at my company runs off full battery and keeps it plugged in all day. After 2+ years my battery is still fine and holds its charge for hours.


Most laptop batteries these days are Lithium Ion based - so constant charging won't hurt them. 


Good tips for looking after a battery include:

  • Avoid frequent complete discharge of a batter as contrary to popular belief, this can actually put strain on a lithium battery.
  • Keep the battery and laptop cool. No hotter than 95degrees for an extended period of time.
  • Consider removing the battery if you are planning to work the laptop hard on mains for an extended period of time
  • Calibrate your battery and gauge by doing occasional (not frequent) full discharge/charge cycles
  • Lithium batteries degrade over time - when buying a new battery for your laptop, buy a "new" battery - not one from old stock
  • When storing the laptop unused for a long period of time, store it with some charge, but not full charge and do a calibration charge when you put it back into service. Storing at 100% or empty is bad for the battery. try storing at half charge or just below
  • Look into buying high capacity batteries rather than spares - this can often server better.


Let us know how you get on.




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Re: G50 laptop to use as desktop - remove battery

2016-06-14, 11:19 AM

Does Lenovo has some sort of battery desktop mode? I'm not the most tech savvy, but just found that mode on my Dell (I use it with a docking station, so it is effectively my desktop). I often have my Lenovo plugged in/on all day too (hooked up to a TV with HDMI), so was wondering if there are any specific settings designed for that use. I try to just keep the screen on low brightness and enable power saver mode, but not sure if that is actually helpful. Thanks!

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