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G500: No sound from HDMI when connected to TV


I bought a G500 model and previously had a Dell laptop with Windows 7 which could send audio via HDMI to TV.


This laptop is i5 (3rd gen), 1TB HDD, 4GB DDR3 with built-in Intel graphics and comes with Windows 8. The other laptop what I have has an ATI Radeon graphic card which has the option to send audio via HDMI.


When I connected the HDMI cable which I also used to connect the other laptop, I can view the video in TV and the sound comes out from laptop speakers instead of right from the TV.


I tried changing the Sound properties in Windows 8, but I couldn't locate the HDMI to enable sound output to TV and bypassing laptop speakers.


I know the earlier versions of HDMI doesn't carry sound.


What should i do?


After connecting the HDMI, open the Playback Device in the Control Panel  "sounds" icon. You should have the TV listed as a playback device.


Highlight the TV, and set it as the "Default Device", then apply. See image below for illustration.




You may have to close, then re-open the program (Windows Media, or the browser you want to have the sound for) to ensure the sound output to the TV as you expected.


If you always have the HDMI cable plugged into the laptop, and TV, this setting should "stick" through re-boots. If you unplug the HDMI cable, you may need to reset the sound again.

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