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G500: Screen brightness locked in Windows 8.1


I installed Windows 8.1  on my laptop and it worked well for a couple of weeks, but now suddenly the brightness locked. When I try to adjust it with the F11 and F12 keys it stays the same.


In such situations the following steps could address this issue:


  1. Go to Device Manager by Control Panel>>Device Manager
  2. Open the Display Adapters (see image below)
  3. Look for your display adapter driver: it's either Intel or AMD. In this illustration on a Yoga 13, it is Intel.


  4. Uninstall it.
  5. Then, restart your computer and install the following display/ video card driver instead.
  6. Restart your laptop again once you are done.

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NateS On 2014-09-11, 0:15 AM
prince-rachit On 2015-03-22, 4:03 AM

Install Intel graphics driver HD. Go to it's site>Download installer>It will auto select the required version>Install>Restart>Working.

I faced this issue for 4 hours until I realized that something was missing. Further the ROM update won't work. It is not installing.

If it works say thanks.

csrgparente On 2015-04-14, 19:14 PM

Can I do this in a Y70 Lenovo too?


I have the same problem

hissam On 2015-06-05, 16:12 PM

My g500 operating system is working but the screen is absolutely dark. Increasing the brightness won't do any good. If I flash light into the screen, I can see everything otherwise nothing. Please help me. It seems to be a hardware issue but I have no idea. i have tried installing a new graphics driver but it is not working too. 


Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.



mylove On 2016-02-22, 21:02 PM

i need assistance for my p4oo screen brightness


mylove On 2016-02-22, 21:02 PM

is too bright i cant reduce it

CBHedricks On 2018-07-09, 16:35 PM

If the screen is very dark, looks like faint images and can only be seen in strong light or by shining a flashlight onto it, then it is a backlight issue and will need either a service center visit or a LCD screen replacement (with backlight included).  Replacing the LCD screen is not difficult for those that can work with hand tools and follow instructions carefully, otherwise I would suggest a service center with a qualified tech do it for you.



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