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G500 dedicated AMD Radeon card missing in device manager

Greetings to all,

I've got Lenovo G500 laptop (i5, 6GB RAM, Intel HD4000 + ATI Radeon 8750HD, Win 8.1) and I am experiencing a serious problem. Yesterday my laptop suddenly freezed during watching a TV show and I was forced to restart it. After restart I received a message, that AMD Catalyst and hydravision doesn't work properly and I should reinstall drivers. So I did but after that, nothing worked properly and my radeon card was missing in device manager, just intel HD was present. I've read throughout this whole forum and I couldn't find a solution; I've tried everything, reinstallation of all drivers, both AMD and Intel, I've tried installation of older drivers, then newer, I've tried to check BIOS, where it all seemed all right (switchable graphics were enabled) and as last option I've reinstalled whole system - back to the factory settings. But my AMD Radeon card is still not present in the system, it seems like it was not ever there. I've tried to find it via that app which finds any hardware, but without any positive result. When I try to run catalyst center, it says "can't run catalyst, no actual settings which could be configured by catalyst control center". I've tried to play various games (far cry 3, mass effect 2, metro redux) with positive outcome, it runs the same way as it did before, but!! - I've got this feeling it always ran on intel hd card...As many others, since the beginning of my laptop purchase I had that problem where everything runs on integrated card instead on the dedicated, but I did not pay much attention to it, since it worked smoothly anyway. I'm not hardcore gamer, or a gamer at all to sum everything up, I think my radeon card is burned or damaged somehow and it didn't work since the very beginning. But still, I would love to get more professional opinion, because it is simply weird, it is missing in device manager. And one more thing, everytime I close the screen end reopen it later, system freezes or something doesn't work or some other inconvenience, leading to forced restart of the system. I thought it's caused by Win 8, because, honestly, that system sucks, but right now I think it's got something to do with that video card problem.


Thanks in advance and have a nice day ;-)

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