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Blue Screen Again
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G500 series (G575, etc) upgrade to Windows 10 issues

Its a bit unclear if the G 500 series is 100% good to go for a Windows 10 upgrade? The series doesn't seem to be on the Lenovo "good to upgrade" list, but Microsoft during its "compatibility review" seems to say "go ahead 100% of your apps work flawlessly with Windows 10...upgrade today...."


Once you upgrade the "challenges" begin, audio doesn't work "out of the box", so you go to a generic driver to get it back. Video sort of works but oddly, the brightness control seems conflict in Windows 10 with the hardware key sequence Fn up arrow /Fn down arrow and at the end of the day there is only one brightness level - "medium", which can't be changed. You head to AMD, get sucked into downloading the BETA level of upgraded drivers, and suddenly you have 200 megs of programs related to gamers and surprizingly, the same old video drivers (without brightness control). 


Have not really tested video playback but intital attempts, usi,ng bluetooth to output the audio have been challenging. Not sure what the cause is but I suspect "lack of tuning" in the software. 


Responsibilty for drivers and compatiblity seems to be a jump shot, is Lenovo responsible for the drivers? the video chip maker (AMD)? Or the audio chip maker (Conexant) ? Or did MSFT agree to write updated drivers or provide E-Z tools and migration software for device driver coders so they could update thier software? Seems a fair amount of "finger pointing" , and "real compatibility" is nowhere near 100% just yet. 


So far I'm pretty impressed with general software compatibility with Windows 10. Its still early for me after upgrading (a couple of days ago), but so far application software has not been an issue. 


G575 is not a new machine, so its understandable if Lenovo needs to concentrate on newest models and sales next quarter. However I'm sure there are a lot of G500 series still very much in daily use and most of them will (eventually) upgrade to windows 10. Would be great to have fully functioning drivers. 


Would love to hear about brighness controled video, audio that has they typical tray level controller that works well, and any tips for running video under Windows 10. Perhaps others have found suitable workarounds?



Token Ring
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Re: G500 series (G575, etc) upgrade to Windows 10 issues

G570 4334 here... just needs the energy management software and realtek card reader softs from Lenovo for those drivers, needs the Microsoft sound, speaker 'enhancements' 'loudness equalization' ticked. And a change from microsoft to the intel SATA AHCi controller driver. If youre wanting full speed from SSD's.

Intel on cpu/chip graphics HD3000 brightness control works as normal. As does audio control. up/down arrows - and everything else.

Lenovo Energy Management software seems to give me the proper brightness control driver.

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