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I have a problem with my G505s. Whenever I plug it in to charge, the PC slows down very much. Apps take a long time to open, Youtube videos take a long time to load and games which I have downloaded lag a lot even on low settings. 


I noticed this when I was playing a game; the settings I had were 'Ultra' in which there was no lag but when I plugged in the charger the game was completely unplayable. I switched the settings down to 'low' but there was still a considerable amount  of lag. 


The laptop has a short battery life already and hardly being able to use it while charging.


How can I fix this?


If you notice the battery charging slowly, please try to update your BIOS to version 2.05 or above from the link below


G405s / G505s BIOS <-- Click to download.

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Update BIOS to 2.05 helped me with the same problem!

My problem:


how to update bios on battery my latop doesn't turn on with ac adapter only (model no g570)

my laptop charges (sometimes)when off but not when on


I purchased model g50-70 model about 6 months ago.  In the last few days, the battery sometimes charges and more  times it doesn't.  Can't tell if it's the battery or the ac adapter.