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What's DOS?
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G505s are high apu and gpu temps normal during gaming?

Hi, I'm new to Lenovo laptops and new to Amd processors so need a bit of help/advice regarding my G505s with 2.5ghz A10 Apu and 5750 Gpu.

I have had this laptop about a month now and overall I'm impressed with it including its ability to play a lot of demanding games such as Battlefield 3 and even Dayz! Although the laptop runs these games on decent settings and maintaining good frame rates, it has one down side, it gets hot!

After about 20-25 minutes playing battlefield 3 on high settings the laptop gets to hot and restarts without any notice. If I turn the game settings down to medium then it is possible to play a bit longer before the laptop restarts itself. The only way I've managed to play without the laptop restarting is by going into processor power options and changing it from 100% to 99% maximum processor state. This means the Apu clock speed is reduced and it doesn't go into turbo mode. However by doing this I am losing processing power (max clock speed reduces to around 2100mhz) and the laptop still gets very hot.

Using various temp programmes I am getting Apu temps of around 90-94 degrees Celsius and the 2 gpu's are around 85-90 degrees Celsius. To me the fan doesn't seem powerful at all on my laptop and even when the laptop is really hot you can hardly feel any hot air being blown out of the vent. The keyboard on the left hand side and the case above the vent gets very hot to touch and makes using the laptop uncomfortable.

Basically I just want to know does any one else that owns this laptop experience these high temps during gaming? I also get similar temps when just streaming films over netflix although not quite as high.

I know this isn't a dedicated gaming rig so heat isn't going to be ventilated as well as it could be but these temps seem worryingly high to me and I don't want long term damage by using it running too hot.

Hope someone can help me
Cheers in advance
Token Ring
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Re: G505s are high apu and gpu temps normal during gaming?

Update bios to 3.00 it fixes
Summary of Changes
Latest Version BIOS fixed all merged issues from previous.
83CN53WW [Problem fixes]
1. Fix CPU temperature between T1(50C)~T2(90C) does not meet the fan duty.

Change thermalpaste to arctic mx and use coolingpad.Ive moded vents and temps are below 80C wwhile high stress.

What's DOS?
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Re: G505s are high apu and gpu temps normal during gaming?

I have the latest bios already but has made no difference... Laptop has now
shut down a few times to over heating so is going back to Lenovo for repair
as I've only had it 4 weeks!

If they don't fix it I will void the warranty by sorting it out myself,
reapplying a good quality thermal paste and may add some more ventilation
in Base of laptop so cooling pad I have will also be more effective

This laptop is capable of playing most games at medium settings or higher
just a shame it doesn't have a better fan and more vents to get rid of the
hot air quicker

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