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G510 - Intel Management Engine Firmware Update

2018-04-18, 10:20 AM

Firstly, I don't know the difference between Ideapad Series and Lenovo B and G Series. I have a G510, identified internally as P/N: 59401564, and info obtained from HWinFO64 report:

 System Manufacturer:          LENOVO
 Product Name:                      20238
 Product Version:                    Lenovo G510
 UUID:                                      {38C898DD-8E9B-E311-21902021-201A06A5FCBA}
 SKU Number:                          LENOVO_MT_20238
 Family:                                     IDEAPAD

According to Lenovo Support, after providing the internal S/N:

Machine Type Model:                     80A859401564

I have a very annoying intermittent problem where the machine refuses to wake up from Standby, and I am forced to reboot. Strangely, when I encounter this problem, and I restore the laptop from an image made while the problem did not exist, the problem is sometimes still there. I now suspect that this strange behaviour may be related to Windows Fast Reboot. I am also considering the possibility that the problem is affected by Intel Management Engine.

I have the latest relevant IME software installed, but I am not sure about the firmware. I had previously updated the firmware to version and that has been in use for a long time without any issues.

The laptop came with Windows 7, but I'm running Win10 Pro x64, so I don't know if this affects the version of the ME firmware that I should be using. Some online info I found says that I can update ME firmware only with versions whose first two fields match the corresponding values in the existing version i.e. if my firmware is 9.0.x.y, I can update only with other firmware that starts with 9.0. I have no way of verifying the accuracy of this info.

Can anyone provide any info on the latest applicable ME firmware that I can safely install?

Thanks for any input.


Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.



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Re: G510 - Intel Management Engine Firmware Update

2018-12-05, 12:15 PM

I have similar symptoms on G50-80. Hangs and crashes, usually when resume from hibernation.

Usually "system watchdog timer triggered" accompanied by bugcheck 0x4E.

Running Win10 x64 Pro ver 1803.


After checking some variants, my feeling is it can be caused by certain USB drivers and video controllers.

When I detach all USB before hibernation, chances to successful wake up are much better.


Puzzled by the IME stuff too.


-- ddbug


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