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Paper Tape
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G510 Won't Turn on after Changing Power Setting

Good Day Lenovo Forums. First time Posting here and hoping that I can get some kind of help.


This is what happened:


I have had a lenovo G510 that has worked beautifully since the day that I bought it. It survived the upgrade to windows 10 and has been running like  charm for ALMOST 2 years.


Cut to 1 Month ago. I was using a USB to HDMI adapter to run a second monitor and I wanted to be able to close the lid and have the monitor turn off but not have the machine power down.


I believe that I forgot to hit save and when I closed the laptop it went into sleep mode. It had a rough start but I was able to get it started up again and then I finally saved the power setting where it specifically said "When I close the lid: 'Do Nothing'" when it was plugged in. I shut the computer down and the next day it wouldn't start. 


I have tried to take out the battery and hold the power button for 30 seconds to power cycle it. I have plugged it in with power adapter only (no battery) and I have tried to charge the battery and and run it on batter only and I also have ordered another battery to check if it was the battery... and nothing.


So here is what actually happens:

1A) When plugged in, and with the battery in the battery charge light is on.

2A) Pressing Power Yields Zero detactable activity. No Fans. No HD sounds. No lights come on. Battery Light stays solid.


1B) When plugged in with no battery, no battery charge light

2B) Pressing Power Yields Zero detactable activity. No Fans. No HD sounds. No lights come on.


1C) When running ONLY on battery (that has been charged) no lights on.

2C) Pressing Power turns on power light and battery light for a few seconds and then turns off. No Fans. No HD sounds.


I have some really important work on this machine that I don't want to try to recreate (as it's hours of work)


and I don't want to rip the computer apart to take out the HD. If there is a way that I can reset the system by taking it apart I will.


Please help.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: G510 Won't Turn on after Changing Power Setting

i have the same problem, and i have checked the motherBoard i think is crashed so i have to change it.

   If you found please help me.


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