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Blue Screen Again
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G510 slows (from 2500MHz to 800Mhz) when plugged in

Hi. As i wrote in topic my laptop works slower when its plugged in. My CPU slows from 2.5GHz to 800 MHz. I changed options in power management where i set minimum and maximum processor state for 100%, changed cooling on active etc. Still laptop slows when plugged. So i decide to change windows. I uninstalled windows 7 and installed windows 8.1. Unfortunately problem still same. I even run linux live from USB, and there problem was same. So i suppose it's not windows fault. Right after I installed windows 8.1 i installed all drivers from lenovo's site ).
There is no CPU performance in BIOS option.
On image left side when laptop is plugged in and right side when its not. 
If you have any ideas what to do I would be grateful for your help. 

Bit Torrent
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Re: G510 slows (from 2500MHz to 800Mhz) when plugged in

There used to be a problem with the G505 slowing down when it was charging the battery, which was fixed by a BIOS update released by Lenovo (see the threat below).   Your issue sounds very similar, and it would make sense if it was a BIOS/Firmware issue since the installed OS makes no difference   


Others have complained of this issue with the G510 in this forum before, but I cannot find anything online to indicate that Lenovo ever released a fix for your laptop, or in the readme for the latest v3.09 release of the BIOS for your system.



This sounds like an issue that Lenovo will have to address if they have not already, so I would call support or hope that someone from Lenovo will chime in on this threat with an answer.


G505s slow CPU speed whilst charging


Good Luck

Blue Screen Again
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Re: G510 slows (from 2500MHz to 800Mhz) when plugged in

Thank you for your reply! After next few hours searching on internet, right 1 min ago I find... Maybay its not solution, but it can help in some way.

1. Download CPU-Z that shows Multiplier in real time. 
2. Check Multipiler when plugged. Then unplug and chack Multipiler again.
3. For me it was x8 when plugged and 25 when unplugged (even when there was 8-31)
4. Download ThrottleStop 
5. Check "Set Multipiler" on unplugged value, uncheck BD PROCHOT
6. Press "Turn On" button.
7. Check Multipiler on CPU-Z
8. Profit

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