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Blue Screen Again
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G510 thermal regulation inefficient

I have installed Ubuntu 14.04 on a brand new Lenovo G510 laptop with an i5-4200M processor and AMD 8750M graphics. BIOS version 3.01.


The problem is, the laptop's fan is working 90% of the time and generating a lot of noise. Even in idle mode with the descrete graphics turned off.

CPU usage does not exceed 3% at all times. I have monitored the CPU temperature after booting and it looks like this:

1. With fan turned off, temp rises from 38 to 50 within 10 minutes and then the fan turns on.

2. With fan constantly working with constant revs, the temp drops from 50 to 40 within 1-2 minutes and then very slowly is lowered to about 38 degrees. Cooling the CPU to 38 deg can take hours. And all this time the fan is blowing cool air from the fan exhaust. Once the CPU reaches 38, the fan is stopped and all is repeated.


The ambient temperature was about 27 degrees. Power usage from the outlet was about 15W.


I don't mind if it ran hotter than this. It does not make sense to cool the CPU to 38 degrees. I think it's inefficient. If the ambient temperature was higher, the fan would have never stopped.


Here is a small list of questions. I would be grateful for any answers.

1. Does it work like this on Windows too?

2. Can I regulate this in Windows?

3. What's the sensor chip name in the laptop? Any tips how to control this in Linux?

4. Do all BIOS versions have the same cooling setting? Is there any other BIOS version with a less aggressive cooling?



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