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Re: G530-4446-24U takes FOREVER to POST after BIOS update

2010-05-22, 21:21 PM

Everything works fine for me, but I'm having some problems with sound.


I used the black dials in the upper right corner to change the volume and they still work. But both the dials and fn keys only increase volume in increments of 2% (really slowly) wheras before I got these blue little squares showing up on the screen when I pressed the dials and sound increased by increments of 10% really quickly.


Current drivers are 6.1.7600.16385


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Re: G530-4446-24U takes FOREVER to POST after BIOS update

2010-06-04, 18:30 PM

thanks guys--brightness settings work reasonably well now. there's still some intermittent behavior--on some standby/hibernate startups, the brightness settings fail to function properly. I have a model 4446; I suspect that this BIOS is not actually fully compatible with any other models of the G530, which is causing the problem. Otherwise my laptop works fine. I think the volume control increments are largely a issue typically solved by installing some of the lenovo hotkey button drivers. I've got the same problem with my touch volume controls, but not my fn+volume controls; honestly, I don't care about this as much as the brightness, so I haven't bothered with it.
sorry guys without the 4446 =(


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Re: G530-4446-24U takes FOREVER to POST after BIOS update

2010-06-04, 22:08 PM

threepointone, bobalot,


I meant to reply to bobalot, but got interrupted. To get the volume icons on-screen, and possibly improve your volume button results, the following driver on the Lenovo Consumer site is what I've used successfully for many months on a g530-4446-36U:




This download is supposed to be both 32 and 64-bit compatible; presume it loads the appropriate pieces depending on which way you're set up - it is definitely large enough to contain both.


This driver, like the original, gives some interesting functionality as well, which I mostly don't use as Windows 7 works fine without it. Be careful in particular if you use the microphone Voice Enhancements on the first tab of its Control Panel. They require adequate microphone volume, which means using the extra Boost which I set to 30db with a '50' setting on the Microphone volume, otherwise will soft gate the quieter instants of your voice, giving a very muddy and unpleasant sound from the internal microphone which is otherwise quite reasonably good. Yet, they can work with careful adjustment, if you need them.


This was the same on the pre-Windows 7 driver, and in fact I think it may have been improved. An external mic is better when you have one, because it won't have the low-level hum from the fan.


As far as things not working after standby or hibernate, I haven't seen much of any difficulties - all just works very well, and I close the lid and return many times a day.  In particular I have not seen difficulty with the brightness keys.


However, once in a blue moon I come up with a black screen on return from standby, perhaps when I had been in a real rush to shut things down, and had closed the lid on some completing operation. Though things are clearly operating normally in Windows 7, the screen just doesn't show.


In that case (you see how seldom it happens), I use I think Alt-F4 after disk activity stabilizes, which either shuts down or logs out, and afterwards the machine always boots up just fine. Alternative would be to press the power key after disk activity stabilizes, to ask for normal shutdown, and then start up again. Windows 7 quick bootup is very welcome as always.  - how did we ever live with the other kind ;)


This problem was also there for a long time before the BIOS upgrade, so I don't think it's anything to concern about. I also don't think a BIOS is likely to be involved here.


In my case I actually think it's to do with the display driver, which has never been quite perfect with some of the complex software I use, so I think it may be implicated here - that's after all what is not turning on.


This would definitely not be my first experience with faulty from-mfg display drivers vs. complex graphics programs on a laptop.


Release notes from Intel show they are slowly working forward on a number of problems with their display driver, some of which sound related to mine. 


I think the overall messages are:  many small things are not likely to be Lenovo's fault -- and, there's a point at which one should just draw the line and say, this works fine for me.  I'm certainly at that state with my g530 and Windows 7, which is actually just a joy to work with, and I do it a lot each day.


Good fortune, both you guys, 





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Re: G530-4446-24U takes FOREVER to POST after BIOS update

2010-06-11, 4:37 AM

I just wanted to add something good to know about the problem at least as I have seen it with black screen coming back from sleep or hibernate.


I have it so very seldom, and today I think I discovered how it happens, and what to do about it.


I think this dark screen actually occurs when we simply open the laptop unevenly; perhaps letting the lid down again for a moment, far enough to re-close the activation switch just as it had started rebooting the machine.  You can do it easily if your fingers slip, or if the laptop is at an awkward angle as you raise the lid, because the switch starts activity with the laptop only a little open.


What I found would recover from the dark screen is just as simple. After giving a few moments so the machine is pretty well restarted, simply close the lid again, wait until all has returned to being shut down.


Then open the lid again normally, and the machine will come right up, with its screen bright and normal, and everything working fine. It is that simple.


I think what I found means this problem has had absolutely nothing to do with any issue in the BIOS, new or otherwise. I am running that very nice BIOS which Cleo got turned loose for us, which in fact solves any important problems. Also, I had this black screen thing long before, on other BIOS versions with my G530.


I hope this helps anyone who has been worried about this, and makes enjoying the Lenovo machine even a little easier. In spite of the issue we had, I think it is actually a fine design.






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Re: G530-4446-24U takes FOREVER to POST after BIOS update

2010-06-13, 16:41 PM

Mine 4446-23U.


have just review and summarize only.


BIOS 1.09:





Not Working:



BIOS 1.15





Not working:

Big problem with Fn+F4 and hang about 2->5 minutes on Black Screen of Boot.

Fn+F5 (may fix by install Lenovo System Interface 1.01 but sth wrong with dislay icon in the LCD when using Fn such as Fn+F1/F2 => showing two icon at the same time, one is in Bottom (midle) - maybe by Audio Driver. one is on Bottom right corner - maybe by Lenovo system interface 1.01.)


Lastest BIOS 1.10 (mentioned on Lenovo support website is version 1.10 but after flash to G530, on BIOS showing 6GET19WW (1.08) ???):





Not Working:




At the final I have chosen lastest BIOS 1.10.


Do not have sleep function Fn+F4 is acceptable.

Fn+F5 to switch on/off wifi can replace by hard switch in the front edge -> No Fn+F5 is also acceptable.


Just the only one thing: Power management till not fix for Both 3 BIOS above. When Boot have just finished the yellow star icon of Power Managerment till appear on system tray but it will disappear right when mouse point cross over it.



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Re: G530-4446-24U takes FOREVER to POST after BIOS update

2010-08-07, 22:36 PM

and when the Power Mannager for G530/N500??


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Re: G530-4446-24U takes FOREVER to POST after BIOS update

2010-08-17, 14:01 PM

I sent in one of our laptops that was slow to boot win7 and had other problems, and what the technician said is in red.



Reuploaded pic without employee name.



Moderator note; picture >50K removed, it also contained full name of Lenovo employee Forum Rules



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Re: G530-4446-24U takes FOREVER to POST after BIOS update

2010-08-17, 21:34 PM

did they come out with new update to fix the sleep issue yet? sometimes my laptop will wake up perfectly but sometimes it will go into boot cycle a few times before it can even load into windows.


any suggestions??




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Re: G530-4446-xxU takes FOREVER to POST after BIOS update

2010-09-17, 3:59 AM
Weezal, you rock!!!

I've spent about the past four hours trying tens of different suggestions to correct my issue with the function keys being non-operational after my upgrade to 64 bit version of Windows 7. I was able to find 'half' the solution by performing the upgrade to my BIOS, however any attempt to perform the upgrade resulted in the "Error code: 1275" message one of the previous posters noted. Any attempt to resolve this (run as Administrator, copy files from BIOS folder to 'system 32' directory and run from there, etc.) resulted in the same problem.

THEN... one last Google search turned up your post with the instructions clarifying that the version of WinPhlash needed to be a 64 bit version instead of the 32 bit version that was included with the install.

Followed your instructions to use the WinPhlash64 app, select the correct BIOS and create a backup and voila!! Insert heavenly choir "AHHHH!!!" vocals!! BIOS updated, function ( fn ) keys functionality restored.

Thanks much, made my evening.... ;)

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Re: G530-4446-xxU takes FOREVER to POST after BIOS update

2010-10-15, 1:54 AM

Guys.... im opening this forum again in order to see if is there any solution to our 64x sleep/hibernation problems... How long we have to wait???? Im still using 32 bit cos sleep mode and hibernation issue and im using only 3 of my 4gb ram. Please Lenovo staff respond!!!

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