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Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎11-29-2010
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G530 Bad BIOS Flash


I was having problems with my LCD display resolution (which was stuck at 1024x768) and I noticed a BIOS update came out a while ago that claims to fixed it. I ran the WinPhlash program under Windows XP Professional but during the process the computer blue screened and wouldn't reboot afterwards. I've tried putting the BIOS image (and a copy renamed to BIOS.WPH) on a flash disk and holding Fn+B while starting up, but after 10 minutes I powered down and the computer still wouldn't boot. The screen doesn't turn on and if I leave it on for a while without pressing any keys it will beep three times with a pause between the first and second beeps, which I'm guessing is long-short-short which indicates a mainboard (BIOS?) error. Is there anything else I can try other than getting a new motherboard or trying to manually flash it?

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Re: G530 Bad BIOS Flash

search the forum for "bios recovery" but i don't think it'd help.main-board replacement needed.

( try to remove the battery and ram sticks then replace it, it may work )