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G530 Type 4446 takes forever to POST/bootup after bios update

by Lenovo Staff ‎07-27-2010 02:28 AM - edited ‎07-27-2010 02:31 AM (4,828 Views)


I just installed Win7 Pro 64-bit , and lost the ability to adjust my screen brightness with Fn keys. I've tried Installing chipset and power management drivers but to no avail.


I updated the BIOS with this file from Now it all works well once I'm booted into Win7, but it takes a very long time to POST.  I haven't timed it, but it seems to be over 60 seconds before I have anything displayed on my screen.  When it does start POST, it works fine at the expected speed.  It also restarts when attempting to wake from sleep, and the same problem as mentioned above applies as it must POST again.


Note: Machine G530 with Type 4446 is actually considered as commercial product. The rest of G530 except this Type 4446 are consumer products.


For Machine Type 4446 commerical product, you should get drivers from the standard support site


Consumer products driver can be obtained from Lenovo consumer support site with URL links


G530 Type 4446 Bios download:

32bit --> Windows based version 1.10 (machine without HDMI port)

64bit --> Refer to steps below for using 64bit of WinPlash utility to run properly in 64bit OS.


1) Download the 32bit bios.


2) Extract the Zip file. Make a note as to where the BIOS files are being extracted to (by default it extracts to C:\Drivers\Bios\6get19ww
3) Run 6get19ww.exe. Before clicking on Finish, UNCHECK "Launch BIOS WinPhlash Package"
4) Now here's the trick, you need to obtain the 64 bit version of WinPhlash (called WinPhlash64). I found that the proper file is contained within this BIOS package: 


5) Download and launch the 64bit bios via the above link. This will install and launch the WinPhlash64 program. DO NOT CLICK ON "FLASH BIOS" UNTIL YOU READ THE NEXT STEPS OR YOU WILL BE FLASHING YOUR LAPTOP WITH THE WRONG BIOS VERSION (the one that causes the machine to post a long time)!
6) Under "Specify Backup File For Existing Bios" you can select a location and filename to backup your existing Bios to. Leaving the default name is fine.
7) VERY IMPORTANT, READ CAREFULLY. Under the "Specify New Bios" field click browse and navigate to the location you noted in step 2 (ie. C:\Drivers\Bios\6get19ww). Choose the file named BIOS.WPH. This is the updated BIOS file you downloaded in the 6getw19 package.
8) Click Flash Bios and reboot.

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