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What's DOS?
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Re: Wireless on Lenovo G530

You are right thanks. I thought I had installed Power Management but appears only unzipped it. With the switch set and pressing Fn+F5 it works.

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Wireless problems with G530 4446

Hello all - I have a Lenovo G530 4446, downgraded to Windows XP. I've had some trouble with the wireless for several months now - it basically just randomly cuts out. When I try to click on the tray icon, the computer freezes, if i try to reconnect to the network, it claims there are no networks within in range and/or freezes. It only fixes when I restart the computer, then everything is fine. Sometimes, shortly after it freezes, I will get a blue screen of death and an automatic restart - very annoying.


I've tried downloading new drivers for the Intel 5100 AGN from the lenovo site, it doesn't help. I've also ran chkdsk, that fixes the problem for about a week, then it comes back.


Thank you for any help.

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Re: Wireless problems with G530 4446

could be hardware/software issue.
please, check event logs first.
( right click my computer > manage > system logs )
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Re: G530 Wi-fi Problem

how do u reinstall power management?????

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