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Lenovo Staff
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I installed only the windows 7 drivers (from in my G530 with machine type 4151. Although the brightness volume control green bar showed up, the brightness does not change when using Fn keys. I have tried to change the volume in the energy management options but did not help either.


Windows 7 is a new operating system, therefore you have to make sure correct drivers are installed.


Machine G530 with machine type 4151 and 4446 have different drivers. Both type 4151 and type 4446 drivers should be downloaded from and not


Installing wrong drivers may not be able to solve this issue. Incorrect bios installation may cause HDMI port not be able to work too.


Type 4151 possible workaround:

After uninstall Logmein and the virtual display in the device manager, it seems all are fine after rebooted the system.


Type 4446 possible workaround:

Download and install new BIOS version 6GET19WW.exe version 1.10. Brightness control should be back to normal again.

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