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What's DOS?
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Re: G550 Alps touchpad New driver 7.7.1602.501

Interesting thead. Notable that the issue of these ALP pads arose in 2009!!!

It is now 2011 and I have spent $2300 on a x220 which is very very quick.

I have had 30 or so laptops (if you include the wife and kids) I also setup IT at work exposing me to yet more hardware.


LENOVO dont blag me please. Im far more intelligent than you could possibly imagine, within 5s of using my x220 I realised the mouse pad was utter junk.




How anyone can get on with it is beyound me, perhaps theyre just to dumb or perhaps they like the red blob in the middle of the keyboard.


Thankfully I will be using a wireless mouse most of the time otherwise my x220 would be on the first flight back to the factory.


Like others on this forum (think what happened to Apple) it is very upsetting that Lenovo choose to BS rather than deal with genuine issues from otherwise supportive and loyal customers, how commercially imature and idiotic can you get?




What's DOS?
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Re: G550 Alps touchpad New driver 7.7.1602.501

Good fternoon,


I bought a G550 last year and noticed straight away that whilst typing the pointer jumps up and down the document meaning that, as I am not a touch typist so look at the keyboard whilsf typing, so when I type the words are going all over the document which is at best "frustrating". I tried to complain to lenovo last year but got no where as all my emails were ignored and then the advice was to turn off the pointer and use a USB mouse which is what I did.

However, that has not solved my problem as I still left with a feature that I can not use (I certainly did not have this problem with the lower spec Dell I uesd to use). Therefore, having read through this thread, I have tried the downloads but still no goood and I still have a laptop that causes me so much frustration as I have to keep going back and rewriting things.


Not sure if Lenovo has solved this problem yet but if not then when I upgrade again next year it will not be another Lenovo.

Grateful for any advice on how to solve this annoying problem.



Fanfold Paper
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Re: G550 Alps touchpad New driver 7.7.1602.501



I have replaced one touchpad on a customer's laptop and that appears to resolve the issue. I just had another customer call me about regarding the touchpad on their G550 jumping all over the place.  When I visit here Lenovo Parts Touchpad

the part shows in stock but when I login and place in basket, it's out of stock. I called Parts and they couldn't give me any information regarding when it would be in stock.


The fact that the touchpad is out of stock might be an indication there's a problem here. I would like to try the drivers for the G550 dated 4-10-11. I see to drivers here and am not sure what one to try, so I will try both. drivers


Well I'll giev the drivers a shot and see what happens. I'll post back on the results.




Paper Tape
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Re: G550 Alps touchpad New driver 7.7.1602.501

Smiley FrustratedHi I'm experiencing the same problem with my G550. While typing it moves a few words back and types in between words. frustrating when you have to constantly check the type is in the correct place.


I also noticed the touchpad clicks on its own.


loaded the new Bit drivers and still same problem.



Paper Tape
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Re: G550 Alps touchpad New driver 7.7.1602.501

Lenovo done a BAD job, releasing a bad driver. I´m having this problem for YEARS and nothing! When you´re typing, cursor moves randomly ! I will consider not to buy a Lenovo laptop, because theyr support is so bad.

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