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G550 Laptop probs in 2017 ~ is it drivers or is it having 'upgraded' to Win 10 ?

This  G550  was working well till I was persuaded, perhaps unwisely,  in 2016 to 'upgrade' from Win 7 to 10.


Since then bluetooth has vanished; also more and more often the laptop won't boot up ~ i have to keep trying turning it off and on maybe half a dozen times then it comes back up eventually but I fear at some point it will stop ~ then what?


Another thing which SOMETIMES works and sometimes doesn't  ( I don't understand how that can be ) is that I have it hooked up to a large screen monitor.......... But sometimes it won't send a signal to that................ Again, if I restart a few times eventually it does. 


Are the above all driver issues ?     If  it's amatter of downloading new drivers could someone please provide the actual link ?


Or would it be better to try to revert from WIN 10 to WIN 7 ?  ( and if so how do I do that ? )


I suppose I could buy a new machine but not really inclined to if I can get this one to work more reliably........... Before the win 10 upgrade it did everything I need ( basically web browsing and emailing ).


Oh, did I mention that LOADS of music I had stored has also become inaccessible ?   The songs and albums are still  LISTED  on the screen  but when you click on them nothing happens.    i would like to get that back too.


YES I have done a fresh re install of windows  ~ no improvement.

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Re: G550 Laptop probs in 2017 ~ is it drivers or is it having 'upgraded' to Win 10 ?

It sounds like issues with drivers more than anything else. Did you try and install the latest Video, Audio and System drivers for Windows 10? If not, try downloading drivers from hardware manufacture site (AMD, Intel, nVidia, etc...) rather than Lenovo - that usually will result in the latest stable drivers, ones that will usually work better.

For the music files, can you back them up to a USB drive then use your media player (iTunes for example) to "find them" then import them back into your computer? This usually is the trick I find most successful when dealing with files moving from computer to computer or from upgrade issues.

Good luck.


I do not work for Lenovo, I only provide suggestions based on my personal willingness to help others. All advice and comments are based on my experience, and do not reflect Lenovo policy, terms or conditions.
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Re: G550 Laptop probs in 2017 ~ is it drivers or is it having 'upgraded' to Win 10 ?

Thanks for your attempt to help . However a lot of it I don't understand.

As re WIN 10 updates  according to my computer ( when I can get the picture up on the screen ) my WIN 10 system is fully up to date and all updates have been installed.


I don't know what you mean by 'hardware manufactuing site' as opposed to Lenovo ?

Surely the hardware in question ( the laptop G550 ) is manufactured by LENOVO no one else?

And my understanding is that drivers are 'software' rather than 'hardware'.


For the present I can live with the loss of the music  ( I also have it installed on my Nokia X6 'phone ~so if ever I get bluetooth working I can maybe transfer it back that way ?  ) ~that is not so urgent.

The big bind for me is having to spend up to half an hour each morning turning the laptop on then off again and again up to half a dozen times before eventually it boots up and also sends picture to my large screen display.

Any help gratefully received.

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