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Lenovo Staff
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I have a G550 which works fine. I bought a Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse and they work fine too.


Recently I had to take laptop on the road and I did not want to take the large wireless KB. But if I remove the little wireless USB thing, the keyboard and the touchpad on the laptop do not work. How do I fix this problem? 


If the laptop keyboard and touchpad do not work, and only the Microsoft Wireless keyboard was working,it is a high possibility that the drivers that came from the wireless keyboard overwritten the drivers for your G550 built in keyboard and touchpad.

You can:

  1. Go into Device Manager and uninstall the MS wireless keyboard
  2. Unplugg the MS wireless receiver (the little USB thing)
  3. Restart the computer, and the built-in keyboard and touchpad worked!!!


P.S. If you plug the MS wireless receiver back in again, the wireless KB and mouse will work again.

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