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G550 power management driver



Somewhere in my travels I may have uninstalled the Lenovo power management driver, preferring to rely on Win7's own power facility. But now I think I need that driver in order to enable Bluetooth.


I have the original broadcom 802.11 wireless adapter, and I set its Advanced property, bluetooth collaboration, to Enable. But there is no Bluetooth item in Control Panel, and Fn-F5 does nothing. I downloaded and tried Broadcom's Bluetooth Discovery utility, to no avail. Lenovo's ReadyComm says that no BT software is available.


So maybe the key to this is installing the Lenovo power management driver. Does anyone know where I can get it?


Bluetooth and the Fn+F5 toggle on / off for bluetooth and wifi depending upon several software components being installed and working properly:


1) Wifi & Bluetooth drivers appropriate for your system. 

2) Hot key drivers

3) Lenovo Power management drivers / utilities


Visit the Lenovo EOL support site https://download.lenovo.com/eol/index.html and navigate to your particular model's driver page and download and install all three of these items appropriate to the version of OS you are running.  Restart your system.

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Scribette On 2014-06-13, 0:06 AM

Is this the same as a device manager? I keep getting a message that my "device manager is not working" on my G500s Touch. I can't find anything definite about a device manager and whether or not this is a something serious to be concerned about. Thank you.

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