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G550 - red, blue, yellow lines appeared on screen


My machine Specs:

  • 2 year old Lenovo G550 laptop, system model 20023
  • Dual-Core CPU T4300 2,10Ghz, 3,00GB RAM) running
  • 32-bit Win 7 Home Premium OS
  • Graphic card Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family


Month ago, I started getting 2 vertical lines on my screen, which change colors and tend to disappear when I tilt it.


Recently, problem graduated to red, blue, yellow specks all over the screen. Tilting no longer works, but I noticed a definite relationship with the degree of pressure on the case.


When I push hard enough on the left spot below the case (where hard disk is located), the problem resolves completely. I also tried plugging another monitor in and there seems to be no problem either. 


You may want to try these:


1) Connect your notebook to external monitor.


a) If no problem, your LCD may have an issue should.

If still within warranty, please send for service repair


Otherwise, check if the LCD cables are loose by dissamble the notebook based on User Guide Hardware Maintenance Manual which can be downlodaed from consumersupport.lenovo.com


b) If the issue persist, it could be graphic card or some parts in motherboard have problem

If still within warranty, please send for service repair



2) Try swapping RAMs with different conditions.

If problem persist, send for service repair if stil within warranty.

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NateS On 2014-12-02, 21:18 PM

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