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I have 2GB RAM which I want to upgrade to 4GB.  I have purchased DDR3 1333MHz RAM but according to Intel my laptop Pentium P6200 processors support DDR3 1066. Is there any way that my processor can recognize 1333Mhz RAM?


The memory should automatically run at 1066 Mhz 

Memory modules support different speeds and timings, and the figure 1333 just indicates the highest speed available.

If you are using 2 ram modules it is best if they are of identical speeds.

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I have a similar problem :

On my lenovo b560, i installed a new 4GB 1333 MHz (KVR13S9S8/4) - and the laptop won't start with it (it actually starts and runs till middle of windows bootup and then just restarts)

My laptop won't start with both of them, or only with the new one alone (in the main slot), and even worse, my Windows won't bootup anymore now at all - even with  the original  memory . i've just started windows reinstallation Smiley Sad

Can i make it work with the new memory?? Or should i return it to the shop? Very disappointed at the moment Smiley Sad