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G560 Bios update and EC update


I have a lenovo G560 that came with BIOS version 1.06. I upgraded the BIOS to version 2.15.


After updating the BIOS, I booted into the BIOS and it is displaying BIOS version 2.15 (29CN38WW). However, the EC version is still 1.06 (29EC18WW). How can I upgrade the EC version, too?


This fix is applicable for the following system


Lenovo G460/G560

IdeaPad Z460/Z560


If the BIOS is older than V2.03, you would first need to flash the BIOS to V2.03 before proceeding to a higher level version.(In order to update BIOS version to V2.03, you would need to contact your local service center to assist you with it. Read about it here



If you proceed straight to a higher level version without V2.03, you would get an error message such as the one below.




Lenovo strongly suggests rebooting the system before applying the BIOS update.


After BIOS V2.03 is updated then update the BIOS via link below.


G560 Drivers and Downloads


Once updated to BIOS V2.15. Boot into BIOS and checked if its the same as the one below.


Photo Mar 24, 9 33 36 AM.jpg


If BIOS Version is showing V2.15 whereas the EC is showing an older version, download the file from the support site and save the file in your hard disc and flash the system again.

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NateS On 2014-10-08, 7:14 AM
sysroot On 2016-08-08, 15:32 PM

 Help me plase  Lenovo G505S (LA-A092P) EC dump 

sysroot On 2016-08-08, 15:33 PM

sysroot@inbox.ru   pls

nithinraj007 On 2018-06-05, 15:24 PM

Its Helpfull.. thanks

okuogren On 2018-10-15, 10:19 AM

I desperately need this firmware but the link is already dead. Please PM me or share a link to this firmware to have BIOS + EC version the same. I am having problems related to overheating and fan speed. Lenovo Z560 have been serviced for termal paste and internal cleaning but the problem is persisting.



MY EC is stuck to 29EC31WW 2.08 version.


So at least I need, a link to BIOS / 29CN31WW / NIWEx208_X64.exe for Lenovo z560.


I have tried 2.15 a couple of times but it doesn't change the EC to 2.15.

Hassan31 On 2019-05-14, 17:38 PM


recelty I ordered Intel i5-540m processor to replace my old P6200 processor, so I'am a bit confuse regarding my BIOS version... My current version is 2.17 and I am not sure is there any latest update after 2.17 or this was the last one?

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