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G560 Turbo Boost


I have a g560 with i5-450m, 4gb ram, 320 gb hard drive with 2.02 bios.

I know that the i5-450 has the turbo boost technology, but how

do i enable it in the bios? I checked out the bios but didn't find anything

that allows me to enable the feature, unless I missed it...

Token Ring
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Re: G560 Turbo Boost



Intel TurboBoost FAQ :


How is Intel® Turbo Boost Technology enabled or disabled?
Intel® Turbo Boost Technology is usually enabled by default by a switch in the bios where you can either enable or disable operation. Other than this, there are no user controllable settings to change Intel® Turbo Boost Technology operation either in the hardware settings or operating system. Once enabled, Intel® Turbo Boost Technology works automatically under operating system control.



Intel TurboBoost monitor sidebar gadget.;jsessionid=ZKHIBOQ5BMH...



My guess is that it's on by default in the BIOS. On the other hand it's not a bad idea to check via software, like above, to see if it's working or not. Please check and report back, edit subject to (SOLVED) if all is sunny.





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