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G560 - hotkey (fn keys) are not working


The hotkeys are not working on my new Lenovo G560 laptop. How do I fix it ?


Please ensure that the Lenovo Energy Management software is re-installled in your machine again. The hotkeys are incorporated in Lenovo Energy Management under Power Management category in support site.


For help on downloading and installing drivers, please review the following guide:


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kilrail On 2012-06-28, 17:02 PM

Good answer and it worked for me. Now Fn F5 works for the first time. It's just a pity that when the computer is awakened from sleep mode there is no internet access and when I go through control panel, system and device managers there is a yellow exclamation mark against  the Broadcom wireless network adaptor and it shows an error code 43. I can fix it every time by disabling and enabling but why does it happen when coming on from sleep mode.


I had hoped that Fn F5 would have allowed me to switch it on if it was off but in fact it shows as on and switching off and then on makes no difference, but Hey, one problem solved!

bhuvakaushik On 2015-04-23, 12:07 PM

 i am having problem in my laptop as follows:


hot keys for volume and one key theatre are working automatically without touching or changing volume by any programme or key it continues to go up down and muting unmuting.


and the disply constantly show image of chaning video mode form normal to movie to intelligent mode along with volume .


when i go to task manager it show three running application 2 are named as progress and one is bitmap. when i right click and go to process it shows process running as" utility.exe lenovo energy management software"


i give end task to that process than display becomes clean but volume fluctuation and video mode changing happneing constanlty. i can not see moive or listen music.


i tried to reinstall lenovo energy management programme but it does not helped me may be i did mistake in installing it.


kindly help me.New Picture.jpg

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