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How to enable the Intel virtualization in the mother board? I've been searching in the OS and have been unable to locate where I can activate this feature.


You can do so by going into your BIOS.


  • Please start up you machine and upon the boot of the Lenovo Logo
  • Press the F1 button to load the BIOS.
  • From the BIOS screen, click on the "Configuration" tab
  • Search for "Intel Virtual Technology" and ensure it is set to "Enable"
  • Press F10 and ensure to save the setting before restart the system
  • Once the system reboots and the OS is loaded, you will be good to go.


Please see illustration below.





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Even if this setting is ENABLED, the VMware us showing like it's doesn't support Virtualization.



Any guesses??  I remember I used to work with this same laptop before..Don't know why it's not letting me do now