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G570: No internet connection and with yellow exclamation mark at WiFi card


I received my G570, and have had internet issues since. It can connect to my WiFi network, however after using the internet for a few minutes, it consistently gets the yellow "!" over the wifi icon in the task bar and says no internet connection and I loose my connection.

I know it is an issue with THIS laptop since my old and decrepit HP laptop which sits next to it works perfectly fine using the same network, as well as my smartphone and room mate's devices.

I have downloaded the Lenovo update software and attempted to use it. I get a message saying something along the lines of no available packages, assuming that means everything is up to date in terms of drivers.


I have done some research with the terms "lenovo, g570, wifi, internet, problems, connection" and yield many pages, however none have seem to provide a solution that works for me.

Can anyone give some suggestions?


Please take note that WiFi issue could be caused by many factors. In this case, there were two methods shared by community users that worked for them. You may want to give a try.


Set IP address manually (Windows 7)

  1. Open Run > type cmd and enter.  Type ipconfig /all  , enter and note down all the details for wireless adapter ie. Default Gateway, Preffererd DNS server, Alternate DNS server.

  2. After connecting to wifi network, open the network and sharing center.

  3. Click on Manage Wireless Networks and then click on Adapter Settings.

  4. Open TCP/IPv4 Properties. In the Ip address row, type an address, this should be IP for your machine. It should be very similar to your default gateway eg. if your default gateway is then give an IP as
  5. In the subnet mask enter 2555.255.255.0 give your defaulkt gateway IP in its column.

  6. In both the DNS server rows enter the respective IP address that you noted down earlier.

  7. Click OK and you are good to go. Now you should be able to access internet. 


Setting with McAfee Virus Protection software

The McAfee Virus protection software that came with laptop which a user purchased the full version automatically configured system's firewall. Turning off the firewall for Domains and Private and left public turned on and that seemed to fix one of the communtiy's issue.

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mwlangford On 2017-03-31, 21:43 PM

2017 Yoga i7, Win 10.  Brand new, from Lenovo web sales department.  Can't get a login screen for starbucks wifi network.  Diosabled the firewall, still no login.  Can't find any setting that will allow a "pop-up" login for hotel logins, restaurant logins, etc.  This should be pretty basic, but not so much for this Yoga.  I sold my ipad pro for the versatility of the Yoga.  Now I can only access internet by using an intermediary hot spot on my phone. how do I fix this problem?????

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