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Lenovo Staff
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When I set up this computer I selected that it always maintains the WiFi connection.  Normally this is fine, but if I am installing a program I may not want the computer to connect to the internet. 


I recently clicked on the WiFi icon in systray, and disconnected the connection the machine was connected to.  It did but it was immediately reconnected.  Where is the setting which I can control this?


Method (A)

Use wireless switch button to turn on and off (if you have any) i.e. Fn+F5

Method (B)

  1. Click on the WiFi icon in system tray.
  2. Choose "Open Networks and Sharing Center" at the bottom of the list
  3. Select "Manage wireless networks" on the left panel
  4. Disable auto connection by
  • Right click on the Wireless Connection to which you are connected
  • Choose Properties at the drop down list
  • Under Connection tab, uncheck "Connect Automatically when this network is in range"

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