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Fanfold Paper
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G570 Stuck on "Starting Windows"

The laptop reaches the starting windows screen and won't progress farther. I've left it for around forty five minutes without any result. Start up repair failed to solve it and two different system restores did nothing.

I tried to start it in safe mode, but it stopped loading once it passed "CLASSPNP.SYS".

Some other fourm posts described simliar Issues, and they were suggesting to uninstall some programs they'd deemed bloat ware. (One mentions: Verisure, Live essentials, iMesh programs, Activex programs and boot enhancer)

Though I'm not sure how I could uninstall anything currently; and I'm not comfortable uninstalling programs without a clear idea of what they are, or if it's truly necessary to remove them.


Fanfold Paper
Posts: 8
Registered: ‎08-22-2017
Location: US
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Re: G570 Stuck on "Starting Windows"

I've managed to sort the issue out myself.
Looking around online, I found where the problems I was having can be symptoms of a failed or poorly connected hard drive.
Once I disconnected the hard drive to check, I found a tiny bit of plasic sitting on one of
the connections. Small enough that it was only on the one connection, and fit there while the hard drive was plugged in.
After removing it and putting the hard rive back; the computer started as normal.

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