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Paper Tape
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G575 upgrade options

I bought my son a G575 for Christmas, thinking that even the most modest laptop would suffice for the simple online games he plays, but apparently not so.  It has the AMD C-50 processor and is painfully slow.  I have tried optimising the graphics for game playing but it still struggles.


So I'm wondering what I can do to upgrade.   I was hoping to be able to overclock the processor (it's used mainly on mains power) but I've found no evidence that this can be done.   Is it worth, I wonder, upgrading the RAM from 4Gb to 8Gb?  Finally, is it possible to upgrade the processor to an E-450?


Any suggestions gratefully received!

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Re: G575 upgrade options



If you are running Win 7 32 bit, then upgrading the memory to 8GB won't help, if you are running 64 bit it would be recognized.  Unless you have a lot of applications loaded, I'm not sure going to 8GB buys you that much, but others may have contrary opinons.  Certainly going from 1 to 2 or 2 to 4 would have more telling results.


Upgrading the HDD could help - fitting a 7200 model or even an SSD could boost performance.


But, before you throw money into the hardware, perhaps you can speed things up by doing a bit of housecleaning.  How many applications & processes are loaded up?  Anything loading up at boot that you really don't need?




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Paper Tape
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Re: G575 upgrade options

Thanks for your comments. 


I'm running 64-bit Windows so the extra RAM will be recognised but, as you say, I'm not sure it will make a lot of difference.


The software setup is pretty minimal and I've tidied up the registry, so I don't know that there's much more I can do without a hardware upgrade.

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Re: G575 upgrade options

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as I experienced, some amd chipsets are slower than intel and as mark said, installing the ram will make some difference on performance but i believe there will be not much difference.

about upgrading cpu, you can take a look at the document below for supported devices. 

hope this helps.

Paper Tape
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Re: G575 upgrade options

Thanks for the link to the maintenance manual.  I haven't been able to read it yet because the file appears to be damaged, but I've reported it and hope it will be fixed soon Smiley Happy


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CPU upgrade for Lenovo G575

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Can i upgrade my CPU for my g575? I got 1,3 Ghz! When i play games i got about 15-18 fps :X

Punch Card
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Re: CPU upgrade for Lenovo G575

No AMD Ontario (C-series) or Zacate (E-series) chipsets are upgradeable. A very modest overclock is possible for some with an unlocked BIOS, but its almost nothing as its done through the clock generator. Maybe 100Mhz at most.
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Re: CPU upgrade for Lenovo G575

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I got a similar issue so I figured I'd post it here.


I got this laptop for mostly work related stuff and some light gaming but the processor is complete garbage making it hard to do either on it. I have already upgraded the memory and have gone through the standard steps (cleaning the registry, removing unused programs, Etc.) and have had no luck in speeding up the CPU (AMD E-350).


The Windows Assessment shows my Ram, Hard drive speed, and graphics all above 5.5, But the processor is stuck at a Measely 3.7 and opening a simple program like Firefox or Media Player Classic immediately shoots my CPU to around 70%. I need to be able to have multiple programs running for my job and as soon as I open any two or more programs, My CPU is maxed out and my computer turns to slop, not to mention the computer also has Windows 7 64 Bit which already takes a lot of memory and CPU.


Is there anyway to speed it up short short of replacing the processor or laptop?

What's DOS?
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Re: G575 upgrade options

The link you gave seems to be broken, do you know if I can upgrade the cpu on my g575, as it is so slow! And gaming is almost impossible.
Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: G575 upgrade options

Since nobody has actually answered this question, I'll take a stab at it.


No. The processor is soldered in place. Not in a socket.


How did I come to this conclusion:


I removed the back cover, processor cooling fan and heatsink. Voila! Soldered-in processor.


Have a great day!

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