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G580: Black screen after uninstallaton of integrated graphic card driver


My laptop worked perfectly until i uninstalled my intel integrated graphic card driver.


This  was what happened:


1. I uninstalled the driver from intel 3000 HD - ( I have the dedicated 635M video card)


2. My screen turned black.


3. I switched off my laptop


4. When I powered the laptop up the Lenovo brand appears, followed by the Windows is Resuming message. The screen then turned all black, except an icon or something that looks like "_" on the top right of the screen.



Your machine should be having integrated and discrete graphic card. If the Nvidia Optimus technology enabled in the BIOS, the system will look for the Intel HD graphics first.


In this case, since the driver was removed, the black screen with a cursor appeared as the boot process requires a driver for the graphics before it initializes it.


If you don't have a Windows 8 recovery drive or disk, try to:


1. Download a Windows 8 Enterprise ISO (90day trial) and burn it on a DVD using imgburn.

2. Boot from the DVD that you created in Step 1 and choose:

  2a. Repair your computer

   Windows 8 - Repair your computer.jpg


  2b. Choose Troubleshoot

   Advanced Options 2.jpg


  2c. Choose Advanced Options



  2d. Choose Command Prompt and an account to continue and then enter the password (if applicable)

  Advanced Options - Command Prompt.jpg


- On the command prompt, type bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy and press enter.
- Reboot the PC and repeatedly tap F8 to show the advanced boot menu.

- Choose Last Known Good Configuration and observe the PC.


3. If you're not able to burn the Windows 8 ISO, you may try to enter push-button reset mode (this is like a recovery environment to restore the pc fromr previous working state).  To do this, hold the power button while Windows 8 is loading up - the one where you see the white dots goes in circles (you need to do this twice). If successful, you'll see the screen same as in Step 2b.


From here, you can:

3a. follow Step 2 and try Last Known Good Configuration or Boot into Safe Mode (if everything works in safe mode, reboot the machine in normal mode - this will reload the inbox graphics driver for the Intel HD3000.)

3b. do a System Restore to undo the changes

3c  refresh your Windows 8 PC  or reset windows 8 (note that this will wipe the computer clean)



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Hrobison On 2014-05-19, 14:29 PM

I don't have another computer to make this disk!!! How can I get this G700 to turn on?


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