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Lenovo Staff
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I recently bought a G580 labtop and I am encountering a problem with the screen.


Every time I plug in my computer to charge, the screen goes completely black, but as soon as I disconnect the charger, the screen functions normally.


It seems like I can't charge and use my G580 at the same time.


If the screen dimmed when the G50 was plugged in, the settings in Power Plan can be changed to correct this.


If you are running Windows 8, try adjusting the brightness settings under Control Panel (large icon view) > Power Options > Change Plan Settings (your current power plan).

Click "Plugged in". If the brightness settings of this is set to low, adjust it to the middle or higher according to your preference. You can test the new setting by plugging in the AC adapter.



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Very helpful thanks. Worked for me on my G780 after reading some 'answers' elsewhere that entailed much more complex procedures or even a new motherboard! I realised I must have accidentally put the brightness down instead of the sound in 'Settings'.