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Hello, I have the G580 but I now realize that I need a much better processor.

The current processor is an Intel Celeron B830 @1.80GHz. It has the 988B rPGA socket.

Which processors would I be able to upgrade it to?


The following link provides information on the available models and processors that may fit your machine.





 However, change of CPU on notebook is uncommon and unsure that is doable as it could soldered on the mother board.

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I have quite same problem. I have Lenovo Ideapad G580 (20150) laptop with an Intel Pentium B960 CPU. I was searching about it at the internet but i did not find a 100% sure answer.


My CPU support (based on thisFCPGA988, PGA988 sockets.


So i wanna upgrade my CPU atleast i5 or i7 one




1, Is it possible ?

2, If yes what kind of CPU u suggest

3, Is it possible to change at home (If its like SDD or HDD  upgrade i could easy do it, if its much harder i will contact a servise)


Waiting for replys, Thank you!




 hello friend if you are searching for this problem yet you can see this thread


Hello, not to open another topic on the upgrade u processor will write here my question; owning a laptop Lenovo G580 20150 with chipset HM76 with a processor i3 2348M and I want to make him upgrade to i7 3720QM, think soket fits? i7.jpg


I too am looking to upgrade the processor on my lenovo g580 model 2689, through research i believe the chipset is hm76, processor is i3-2370m pga988 socket g2. I have already upgraded the RAM to 16gb and the hdd to a 1tb sshd and now want to upgrade the processor but my heads a mess looking and searching for the best option.....can somebody please help me on this? I dont want to go silly but do want a worthwile upgrade processor thats not going to cause too many issues, my research has come up with the i7-2720qm, i7-2630qm or the i5-2450m but i just dont know which one to go for or if indeed any will work? i'm at the stage where i just want someone to tell me pleaaaaasssseeee!! if indeed any of these are compatible will i have issues with bios? it runs windows 7premium. I'm relatively new to all this really but want to do this, thanks in advance.


Hi ,i do also have a Lenovo G580 and im thinking to upgrade him to a i7 processor . But im not sure wich one will work with the socket i have and dont want to buy something that i cant use afterwards. So ,i will need some help from you guys telling me wich version of a i7 proc works on my specs. Thanks cpu1.jpgcpu2.jpg


 SALUT,Pana la urma ce proccesor ai folosit?hello , After all what processor did you use?


Thank you spidey 101, I did as you said, I replaced the old i3-2348M processor (SANDY BRIDGE) with an I5-3210M processor (YVI BRIDGE) and it works perfectly. Today i did this and I am very pleased .. THANK YOU , with delay! I HAVE G580 LENOVO ,CPUZ.pngOLD CPUNEW.pngNEW CPU