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Re: G700 f4 problem

2013-12-14, 6:50 AM
This works on my lenovo helix:
press "Fn" + "Esc"
Then all F1-F12 act normal now.

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Re: G700 f4 problem

2013-12-14, 7:40 AM
this not help ;/

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Re: G700 f4 problem

2013-12-14, 10:42 AM

This works on my lenovo helix:
press "Fn" + "Esc"
Then all F1-F12 act normal now.


Doesn't appear to do anything on my G700


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Re: G700 Function keys not working - e.g. F4 just closes applications with/without Fn key use

2013-12-16, 10:07 AM
Yes, why cant developers I have to correct at his own expense?
I was not convenient to use all sorts of tools left, besides, I'm not sure that some sort of program I do not need it scan code of the key.
Let engineers write new bios.

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Re: G700 Function keys not working - e.g. F4 just closes applications with/without Fn key use

2013-12-16, 15:22 PM

The F4 issue is definitely a bug. I hope they can fix it with a new BIOS firmware.


This is my first Lenovo, and it has really been a frustration. (The poor ELAN touchpad is another story.)



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Re: G700 f4 problem

2013-12-20, 5:29 AM

Okay i've found a solution that works for me (had the same problem where even after reverting to legacy mode, just pressing F4 would terminate windows and still would throw the alt key)



step 1: download AutoHotKey at http://www.autohotkey.com/

step 2: after installing it will open a sample script file

step 3: replace the script (txt) file with the following bolded lines


Send {F4}


step 4: save the file

step 5: run that script  through AHK (either by closing and rerunning AHK or by the reload this script option in the systray)


What this does:

When you press the F4 key, F4 will be recieved by the system

When you press Alt+F12, it mimics the Alt+F4 kill functionality

If you do not want to remap kill to alt f12 remove the last three lines


hope this works for you all, took me all evening to figure out.


edit: should also add AHK to the startup folder so this fix is always active w/o requiring you to start up AHK manually each boot.


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Re: G700 f4 problem

2013-12-27, 4:04 AM

For G700 users, can you PM me with details below for i would like to try escalating this issue to our engineering team for their fix/recommendation.

  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Machine Serial Number
  • Machine Type Model



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Re: G700 f4 problem

2013-12-29, 4:15 AM

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Re: G700 f4 problem

2013-12-29, 14:37 PM
Dear Cleo,

returned an e-mail to you but postmaster returned a Delivery Status Notification (Failure)‏ - could you be so nice to provide a correct anwering address?

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Re: G700 f4 problem

2013-12-29, 16:14 PM

Cleo asked you to send the information by PM, Private Message.  If you sent an email to the forum's notification mail address it will come back.


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