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I own a G710 since yesterday and after installing Windows 7 everything works fine. But one thing is annoying me that I have to press FN to access the function keys (F1 to F12). Is there a way to invert this so you do not have to press the FN Key to access the function keys(F1 to F12) ?


A tweak at BIOS should do the trick. Please follow steps below to do so.

  • Turn off the computer and turn it back on
  • Right after pressing the power button, start tapping F2 and you will reach the BIOS page
  • Go to "Configurations" tab and toggle the current "Hotkey" mode setting.
  • Press F10 once changed to save and exit the BIOS.

That should reverse the use of Fn.

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My function keys dont work so tapping F2 is no use. How do I turn them on?